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Links and Local Files

You may have noticed that docmodel generates friendly links from your configuration file when baking a project. So, how do you link to internal documents? Do you have to figure out the destination URL? Of course not, there's a special pattern for linking to internal documents where you simply use the path to the markdown file you would like to link to, relative to your project's documents folder.

To link to an external web page from within a document, use the standard markdown syntax:

[Link Text](

To link to another document, use an at (@) symbol followed by the path to a document's markdown file. These paths will be resolved relative to your project's documents directory:

[Link Text](@some_subdir/

If you have several entries pointing to this document (for example, you might be using the same document for multiple versions), the document will be resolved to the same version and language as each file that is baked. If you want to ensure the link resolves to a specific version and language, you can follow the @ symbol with a version, language, and document path, each separated by a colon (:) character:

[Link Text](@version:language:some_subdir/


[Link Text](

Lastly, you can omit the link text to have docmodel automatically set it from your configuration file:


The above will link to the output location of the source file located at: [your project]/documents/some_subdir/, and will take the link text from the matching key in your configuration file. Using the below example of a configuration file snippet, the link text would be Example:

  "documents": {
    "#0.1.0:en": {
      "Example": "some_subdir/"

Embedding Asset Images

To embed an image in a document, copy the image to your project's assets directory, then use the standard markdown image syntax and a path with /assets as the route:

![Some Alt Text](/assets/my-image.png)

Please take note of the leading forward slash (/) before assets--this is important.

Linking to Assets

To link to a file in your assets directory, use the Standard Links format and a path with /assets as the route:

[Open PDF](/assets/my.pdf)
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